Django Django at First Avenue 8/2/2014


Django Django an UK 4 piece art rock band just released their 2nd Album “Born under Saturn” in May. They are currently on tour supporting it. I first noticed them when heir single “First Light” started to get airplay on the Current.

Fresh off a performance of Lollapalooza, the band is spending a couple of days in the Twin Cities. To get acclimated to Minnesota, they watched one of our professional sports teams (the Twins if you care) loose. Singer Vincent Neff asked the audience for bar recommendations during the show, so keep your eyes open.

Django Django-4

The band took the stage bathed in blue light and kicked off with “Hail Pop” after a brief Intro. As a warning: First Avenue just got brand new lights after 20 years and photographers can babble on and on about light. My apologies if I ramble. By the time Django Django got to “First Light” fans were fully in the groove and dancing. Combining the band’s lights with the house lights, the sun rose slowly at First Avenue. It was a truly spectacular effect that a camera cannot begin to capture. A spinning flat reflector was used for other songs to create a pyramid of light.

Django Django-36

Django Django played set mixing old and new material that went over very well with their fans.

Set List:
Hail Bop
Shake and Tremble
First Light
Love’s Dart
Slow West
Skies Over Cairo
Life’s a Beach
4000 Years
Silver Rays

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