Dirty Heads Warm Up Fans With A Great First Avenue Show


California band Dirty Heads last time in the Twin Cities fought off rain at Cabooze Plaza. This time around they faced a more powerful force – Minnesota Winter! (or the first hint of it). 

Florida band The Hip Abduction started the evening. Standing in the pit,I was not sure what to expect. A start with multiple drums I did not. THA (as I found out their fans call them) had already gathered a good sized crowd and the reason for that became clear quite quickly. Their sound covers a wide range, from the hard driving intro, to tropical jams to intricate layered songs that had most of us grooving along. Check out their new album “To the Ends of the Earth” 

Set list: Party / Before / La Resaca / COGU /  All I Need / Daydreamer / Holiday / Come Alive / Snow – Kids

It may be a sad statement about my memory, but I had forgotten that I was the photographer for that show. What will it take for me to remember bands? Dirty Heads opening song “Super Moon” from their new album with the same name, did the trick. Their sound is a unique and modern blend of hip hop and alt-rock with homage paid to other styles. If I had to compare Dirty Heads to another band Incubus would be my first pick.

The stage was shrouded in smoke, Dirty J and Dubby B’s vocals and the band music energized First Ave. This probably was the most “hands in the air without being told from stage” that I saw during a show there. I enjoyed the range of songs from the band’s previous to the current album. Turns out I got a bit of my Reggae show after all.

Set List: Super Moon \ Silence \ Medusa \ Mad At It \ Diamonds and Pearls \ Oxygen \ My Sweet Summer \ Your Love \ So Glad You Made It \ Crow Bar Hotel \ Cabin By the Sea \ Fear & Love \ Lay Me Down \ Horsefly \ Burn Slow \ Franco Eyed \ Tender Boy

Encore: Sloth’s Revenge \ That’s All I Need \ Vacation