Dillinger Four’s St. Patricks Day Massacre will take place at the Triple Rock, you guessed it on 3/17


Still can’t decide what to do for St. Patrick’s day? Let me help make up your mind.

Legendary punk rockers Dillinger Four will be taking the stage at the infamous Triple Rock in Minneapolis on Friday night. Joined by local groups The Liverspots, 83 Wolfpack, Victory, and The Slow Death, this promises to be nothing short of a celebration and a banger of a show. Be prepared to get sweaty and have a couple shots of Jameson in order to celebrate the day. The members of Dillinger Four are sure to be in rare form as this is the first local show in quite awhile. Maybe Paddy will even breakout in some Morrissey songs as he did last year on St. Patrick’s day.  Tickets are still available HERE

A small heads up to all of you still on the fence about this show– tickets are moving fast. I was at the Triple Rock last night and saw many people snatching up these coveted tickets so make up your mind sooner rather than later! You will no regret spending your St. Patrick’s day at a good old fashioned punk show!