Did You Hear The Howl? Remi Wolf Called The Moon With Us At First Avenue


You see a lot of things in our industry; going to shows and giving a recap is always a fun process because you never know what is going to happen. Sometimes I am at a rave and strangers are eating my shirt while we wait in line for drinks (that happened), and other times I am sitting in a crowd of retirees watching Irish folk music on my birthday (that definitely happened and it was awesome). Then, there are those special acts that stand out not for the night or the story but for their art by itself and folks… That is Remi Wolf. Stay tuned. 

I got to First Avenue just before the opening act, Grace Ives, took to stage. Cold as it always is, that night was extra special because we were below zero degrees Fahrenheit when I parked my car down the block from the scene. I scrambled my way into the venue and found a prime seat on the second floor of the concert hall, preparing for musical excellence. 

No drinks were purchased tonight – I knew the music would bring a buzz for free and my lord did Grace Ives hit things off with a bang. Grace came out with her custom art displayed on screens behind her as she danced and sang in a beautiful white dress that looked like she had a wedding, but then took scissors to it and made it hot – definitely a unique look that I loved. Grace’s vocals and sense of fashion made her a clear ally of Remi’s as their similarities took form off the bat. Both seemed to be super authentic, and have natural voices that auto-tune would be scared to tamper with. Grace showed us a series of her classic hits, and showed us some of her great dance moves as she mixed songs on stage and performed so casually you would think it was her own show! She really impressed me last night.

Grace took a bow and the crowd began to roar – and that brings up an interesting point; This audience was hands-down the most brightly dressed crowd I have seen outside of a rave. The flowers and bright clothes matched the funky couch and stage setup that Remi had for us as well – it all worked together so swimmingly. Brightly dressed and packing the place, we were ready for the final act.

Remi came out with her friends, and my lord do I need to talk about how REAL she and the gang are. They all come out with themselves in natural form, totally relaxed and full of smiles and laughter – it truly felt like we were hanging out with our friends that night. Everyone was smiling and laughing in the audience, and that was fueled by Remi and the band throwing out high-fives and touching hands with the people in awe. 

Remi’s vocals inevitably erupted from stage, and the crowd was in trance. She leaped from end to end of the stage, jumping and sitting on her customized couch that was between two ferns (coincidence or great reference?). Her hits were played – I promise you – but the real show was seeing Remi’s personality on full display; she is nothing but herself, and it shows through every line and dance move. “Hello Hello Hello” and “Photo ID” were the ones that blew the roof off the place, as expected, but it was a blast from start to finish. 

Follow Remi on social media and you will get the same exact authentic self you see on stage – and that is why I simply had to see her again this year. I first caught Remi back in 2019/2020 and she was opening for an act I barely knew; she has stayed with me through and through since, and I hope you check her out and see for yourself soon!