Descendents stay young and rock First Avenue


Punk Rock fans of all ages descended on First Avenue Thursday night. It was quite interesting to watch everyone from guys my age filling out XL shirts (not always with muscle) to young hardcore fans ready to mosh.

Starting the show was Minneapolis’ Color TV, a 4-piece new band that just released their debut EP. Their music is raw, fast and fun (at least to me). The guys were clearly stoked to play to a good sized crowd in First Ave’s Mainroom. I liked their set and look forward to seeing more from them.

Set List: Locals / No Reason / Tape / Strangers / Paroxe Teens / To Death / Serial / Night / No Ono / Too Close / Mechanical / Meat / 84 Man

Hailing from Marshalltown, IA Modern Life is War is a hardcore punk band who turned the energy in the room way up. Made up of Matt Hoffman, John Eich, Chris Honeck, Jeffrey Eaton, and Luke Rauch they seemed to have a bunch of friends and family members joining them at First Avenue. Founded in 2002 they took a few year break before reuniting in 2012 and releasing “Fever Hunting” in 2013. Eaton did not was much time on stage jumping into the pit for the first of several journeys into the audience right way. The energy in the room for their set was super high with a mosh pit forming on several occasions.

Set List: See Picture couldn’t read some of them and did not want write wild guesses

The Descendents took to the stage in a surprise outfit for a punk band: Kakhis and Polo Shirts in (gasp) blue? Singer Milo Aukerman sported a sports band for his glasses (turns out he needed the extra safety) The outfits however did nothing to dimish the Punk spirit coming from the stage. Opening with “Everything Sux” the sold out crowd was blasted with 2 minute bursts of guitar, vocals and energy that would make a 20something band be out of breath. They improvised around a broken guitar string and generally seemed to have a blast.

The band released a new album “Hypercaffium Spazzinate” in July of this year. By the looks of it, we should expect Descendents to still be around and rocking 20 years from now.

Set List: Everything Sux / Hope / Rotting Out / Pervert / Victim of Me / Silly Girl / Bear / Nothing with You / My Dad Sux / Clean Sheets / Feel This / Talking / Suburban Home / Without Love / Coffee Mug / Bikeage / Weinerschnitzel / Get the Time / On Paper / My Age / When I get Old / Shameless / Grow Up / Collidge / I like Food / I’m the One / Descendents