Delta Rae Goes Big At The Fine Line


As I walked into the Fine Line last night it felt a bit like coming to see an old high school flame. You know the one you kinda lost touch with, but every time you see an instagram post or think about them you can’t help a little smile…..

Keeping with that theme, when opener Thunder Lily came on stage to tune his guitar someone from the crowd yelled “We feel as awkward as you do!”. I was not ready for the response: “The first song will be me tuning my guitar…..we are on the second verse……here’s the chorus”. I had a good chuckle at that. Steven Mullan the artist behind Thunder Lily music is quiet yet powerful. Probably not what the crowd was expecting but he captured their attention all the way through. Brittany Hölljes joined him on stage for a song. His new album will be out on 2/2/2022.

Soon it was time for the mighty Delta Rae. “Burning in Carolina” started the show in the big way that I remembered so fondly from the time I had seen them before. To quote one of our writers from a review last week “Big bands are a rarity these days. But big bands produce a wall of sound that can carry you away”. Delta Rae is BIG, think Jim Steinman / Bonnie Tyler “Holding Out For A Hero” big. And then they dial it down to a couple of simple songs that let their vocals shine. 

The connection to their fans runs deep, there are little touches throughout the show that remind you of that. From little things like giving 2 tickets to educators for every show they play to talking about some of the visual art. This is a band that stays true to their home and their roots, just pay attention to their lyrics.  

I got the feeling that for many in the crowd this was one of their first post shutdown concerts and the energy was evident. I left the Fine Line with a rediscovered appreciation for Delta Rae. And that’s about as good as you can ask for from a show.

Set List: Burning In Carolina / Take Me There / No One Will Miss You / Run / If I Loved You / Only In America / Danced Right Out Of My Arms – Don’t Start Now / Morning Comes / Twisters / Somewhere In The Desert / Dark Medley / I Go To Work / Badlands / Party’s Over / Never Coming Back / Bottom Of The River 

Encore: Dance In The Graveyard / Shut Up And Dance