Delicate Steve destroys the 7th St. Entry


Steve Marion, aka Delicate Steve, is a throw back to past days of rock glory, a Guitar God. That’s not entirely fair, as he is much deeper. On his latest release, This is Steve, Marion plays every instrument. Legend has it that he was signed by Warner Brothers while he was still in high school and recorded his first album, 2011’s Wondervisions, in his bedroom. This album was named a Critics Choice by the New York Times and was on NPR’s List of Favorite Songs in 2011. His collaborations are as diverse as his musical talent, and include Yeasayer, Tame Impala and Paul Simon. The band brought the noise to the 7th St. Entry on Saturday night.

First up were Eau Claire’s Waldemar, the stage name of Gabe Larson. Waldemar’s set was full of strange, beautiful music. Dark and tense at times, a laminous texture of somber melodies. This isn’t your typical indie, college radio music, this is much deeper. Larson’s classical choral background radiated throughout the at times stormy, at times exuberant set. Waldemar released the EP Visions in January, which is available on their website.
Set list: Brotherly – Patience – Visions – Torrid – Totem – Signe

Next up were Minneapolis based Double Grave. The “gloomy punk” trio came out rocking. There would be no gloom at the Entry on this night. Guitarist Jeremy Warden had his punk chops on fleek. Their sound is definitely a mix of hardcore punk with some lush melodic chords thrown in just to confuse and delight. Double Grave will be having an album release party at the Triple Rock on April 27th.
Set list: Dead End – N66 – Work – Control 2 – The Kiss – Block Head

Delicate Steve came on around 10:30, and Marion cam out of the gate turned up to 11. The band had the crowd dancing immediately. While there were mikes set upon stage, as far as I can tell they were only used to allow Marion to banter with the crowd. Steve lets his guitar do the singing. This was an incredibly fun show. Marion has the unique talent to use his guitar to create vocal phrases. Crazy, right? At one point, Steve somehow created a call and response moment with the audience tossing guitar licks into the crowd, and the crowd singing them back at him. Molten glass like slide guitar riffs were and 80s’s power cords were sprinkled throughout the 90-minute set. While Steve is a guitar god, his technique isn’t to see how many notes he can crowbar into a lead, his goal seems to be to create an emotional atmosphere of joy and happiness. And he delivered, in spades.
Set list: Animals – Winners – Cartoon Rock – Sugar – Positive Force – Help – Nightlife – Together – Proud Elephants – Driving – T Heights – The Ballad of Speck And Pebble – Afria Talks To You – Butterfly Encore- Baba O’Reily