Delhi 2 Dublin Make The Entry Dance To A Different Beat


Stop me if you’ve heard this one:So this Indian Dhol drummer, a rapper, a DJ and an Irish fiddler walk into First Avenue……………

I came across Delhi 2 Dublin and their very unique sound a few years ago a few years ago and their unique fusion of elements of Indian music, a Celtic fiddle and modern tunes impressed me when I saw them at the Cedar. So imagine my surprise when I nearly missed Friday’s show at the Entry on First Ave’s calendar. But only nearly as a last minute request was graciously accommodated by their management.

The opener was DPLV (formerly known as Deep Love but had to change thanks to some 2 bit British DJ). Usually a duo it was Jacob Gossel by himself – I guess a wedding anniversary if a good enough excuse :). After a restart (involuntary “acapella” set) he got the crowd closer to stage and dancing. His set included a new song (I did not catch the title) and overall was good fun.

D2D usually plays larger venues and is often the highlight of EDM tents at festivals. The entry was pretty full by the time they got on stage and the audience was more than ready. At least half the audience were Indian and they came to party! From the first few beats women and men were dancing their butts off raising the energy in the Entry to the max. I only recall one other show that had that level of fun and intensity. On paper merging the different music styles may sound forced – think of a german-chinese fusion restaurant (General Tso’s Currywurst anyone?) – but seeing it live leaves no doubt. The Dhol drum is the driving force through the set, its sharp staccato edging dancers on. The whole vibe is quite EDM but the fiddle and vocals set it apart. Within a couple of songs the Entry was a sweaty mess in the best possible way with fans letting loose. To me D2D is one of the best examples on how finding elements of music and then reassembling them can create great sound. If you get a chance to check them out, go! But don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes.