Delhi 2 Dublin at the Cabooze 9/23/2015


Dear Minneapolis Hipsters: Where the F were you yesterday? Was it a lack of banjo? Should the band have Farm to Table in it’s name? Or were you just to lame to come out to dance your ass off with Delhi 2 Dublin?

Call me surprised, but the Cabooze was not packed to the rafters last night. It certainly wasn’t the band. Canadian global fusion band Delhi 2 Dublin played their hearts out and rocked their set. Playing songs from their new album “We’re All Desi” as well as older fan favorites the 5 piece band got the crowd dancing in no time and did not slow down until well after midnight. Thankfully D2D brought their own lights to augment the house lights.

Delhi 2 Dublin’s sound is unique. The blend of Indian music, hip hop, EDM elements and an Irish fiddle is very hard to explain. Yet they create a sound that energizes and audience and probably has one of the highest “well, I came to this show, so I might as well dance” conversion rates in the industry. The audience also was a blend of folks one does not usually see at the same show. It was a great evening, so do not let me catch you missing the next time D2D come to town.

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