Deer Tick Brought Sunshine And Mayonnaise To The Rainy Twin Cities


Every time Deer Tick announces that they’re going to be performing near the Twin Cities, whether I’m going to be in attendance or not isn’t even a question. Every time they come through town it always feels like something big is coming… and this time was no different. I’ve somehow, subconsciously, turned them into one of the bands that I’ve seen perform live the most… and I’m not mad about that fact. 

As i walked into the Fine Line for the second time in 4 days, I felt relaxed and at home. in contrast to times where walking into a venue feels like complete and total chaos, everyone in the room felt chill but ready to have a damn good time. 

i didn’t have to do much waiting around for opener Courtney Marie Andrews to come out and start her set. I didn’t go into the evening knowing too much about her, but had primed my ears by listening to her NPR Tiny Desk Concert from just a few weeks ago. Her sound is so folksy, the type that teeters just on the edge of country. She was truly radiating positivity as she bantered with the audience in between songs, making everyone feel welcome and together. Her set came to an end far too quickly for my liking, and even though I knew I would look her up more when I got home, she has the type of voice that somehow sounds even better live.

I made the bold choice to step away from the crowd in between the two sets… and it paid off. I managed to buy the merch I wanted super quickly and the crowd was so chill that I legitimately had no issues getting right back into the middle of the audience. 

Apparently the theme of the evening was short wait times because just as I was getting settled back in, the lights dimmed again and the crowd began to roar. Whether all the tickets were gone or not, the energy in the room (and the sheer amount of body heat!) made it feel like a sold out date. 

This tour was called “The Mayonnaise Concerts,” fittingly referencing their career-spanning album from this year, “Mayonnaise.” And I’ll tell you… they weren’t lying when they said “career spanning.” As I said earlier, I’ve been a Deer Tick fan for a very long time, and there were some deep cuts that even I had almost forgotten about. Each time a new song started, the crowd seemed to be even more excited than they were last time. Amongst all the excitement, though, I’m happy ro report that the chill energy I felt when I first entered the venue was still there. That’s one of my favorite things about Deer Tick fans, they really know how to attend a concert. And clearly they have great music taste…

The set was very long, but didn’t drag on at all. I was ready for more, but felt satisfied and a sense of closure when they finally exited the stage for real. The weather outside was obnoxiously cold for May, even in the Midwest, so as I bundled up and headed home, listening to even more “Deer Tick” was the perfect soundtrack.