Death by Unga Bunga is too much fun for the Entry


Turns out I owe my education in classic American cartoons to a Norwegian Band, Death by Unga Bunga. As my business partner explained to me, that’s a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon and one of his favorites.

Now that we’re done with that side trip, back to the music business. The Scandinavian Garage Rocker’s tour promoting their 2016 album “Pineapple Pizza” played the Entry the same night party rapper PROF held court next door in the main room.

Starting the show was Twin Cities’ own Beebe Gallini. The foursome with a self-confessed interest in Garage Rock, Clothes, Shoes AND Boots, plays pretty straight forward rock with some interesting twists. I noticed that their guitar colors matched their outfit colors (at least best I could tell under the Entry’s lights). Singer Ms. Georgia Peach started the set by asking the crowd if they were ready for a good time and respond ended with “OK, I’m in!”.
Their set had a retro vibe that I enjoyed, and while the crowd was light, that did not impact their energy at all. For added fun, if you run into them at another show, ask Ms. Peach where she keeps her guitar picks…..

After a short change Death by Unga Bunga hit the stage with the subtlety of a Vikings raiding party jumping out of a longship. From the first bars the energy coming from the stage filled the Entry. At some point singer Sebastian Ulstad Olsen decided the venue was to small for his personality, and took this mike (on a very long cord) outside to sing part of a song in the street. He perched on a ledge for another song – not sure if that’s a Norwegian thing or if he was surveying his territory. Since Minnesota is heavily Scandinavian the band tested the audience’s knowledge or Norwegian, but decided that the crowd was limited to SKOL, so that’s what they stuck with, raising their drinks several times to salute.
One song was dedicated to “All you fuckers, that have never been in a band”. The songs were catchy garage rock but what really stood out to me was the thought that popped in my head a few seconds into the opening song “Holy Crap! Those guys are FUN!”.
My only regret for the evening? I wish that Prof next door would have caught a couple of songs by Death by Unga Bunga – those guys are right up his alley. So the next time Death by Unga Bunga are in town, get your butt off the couch and come see them. They deserve a packed house and will deliver!
Set List: I Can’t Believe That We’re Together / Tell Me Why / Flesh, Swish, Swosh / I Can’t Hide / Wasting Time / Lady Fondue / Fight / I Wanted Everything / When You’re Alone / Best Friends / Wish I Didn’t


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