Dayglow Lights Up First Avenue


People filed into First Avenue’s Mainroom Wednesday night to join in on the Minneapolis stop of Dayglow’s Harmony House tour, presented by Radio K. Austin native Sloan Struble welcomed a large and excited crowd in the Mainroom for his tour, which is named after his sophomore album. Although the weather was cold and the city was awaiting rain, the energy inside of First Avenue was warm and buzzing with anticipation. 

The first band to come onstage was LA indie pop group, Courtship. Having previously worked in other groups, the duo consists of Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon, who released their debut album in 2018 and have continued releasing singles since. The crowd was very intrigued by the performance, dancing and singing along to hits like “Guy Stuff” and “Nice Guy.” Overall, Courtship played a great set and kept the audience excited and dancing before the main act, even doing a cover of Doja Cat’s “Say So.” 

Right before the main performance, Devo’s Whip It played over the speakers, signaling the show was about to begin. Dayglow took the stage with a large amount of energy, which could be felt offstage as well. Opening with the first song off his sophomore album, the crowd reacted with major excitement and energy. Playing many hits like “Hot Rod,” “Close to You,” and “Can I Call You Tonight,” the crowd danced and sang along to every word. Towards the end of the set, Struble thanked everyone for coming and was met with an enormous amount of applause that went on for a few minutes. Struble appeared shocked and grateful, shaking his head everytime the cheering got louder. He continuously called out “Minneapolis” in an astonished voice, surprised by how excited our city was to hear him play his music live. Coming back for an encore, the 22-year old covered “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears, followed by his song “Run the World!!!” The entire room was filled with love, happiness and positive vibes as he left the stage, and Minneapolis will be ready to greet Dayglow with open arms next time.