Dave Matthews Band Performs A Double Set at The Xcel Energy Center 7/1/2015


It doesn’t matter that the Dave Matthews Band last released an album two years ago. Their fans are among the most faithful enthusiasts and even though studio efforts are supported (as much as any band’s studio efforts are supported these days), the stage is where DMB built its empire and where the band remains master of its domain.

This time through the Minnesota, DMB shook the tree a bit with a two-set show that initially spotlights acoustic renditions of their songs and a longer, electric set that was filled with riff-tastic guitar solos, lasers, and deep jams that range from spirited to intentionally lulling.

After a 30-minute intermission and a stage changeover from elegant drapes and a few spotlights to a full-fledged arena spread with a massive video screen, metal light towers blasting streams of rainbow colors and many, many lasers, DMB returned. The band’s musicianship was as taut as always during Saturday’s show, with Beauford still making the trickiest rhythms look simple and Stefan Lessard (bassist) anchoring the serious funk jam that rounded out “You Might Die Trying.” Lessard also helped add a bouncier groove to “Don’t Drink the Water,” which substituted its ominous tone for honking horns and a lighter touch – an interesting tweak that paired well with the segue into “Jimi Thing.”

Considering the fractured state of the music industry, there is something to be said for consistency, and DMB deserves kudos for always bringing their A-game to the stage.

Now that the band is 20-plus years into a career and far from what programmers consider “hip” radio hits are about as likely as Matthews getting through a show without raising an eyebrow.

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Set List


  • A Whiter Shade of Pale
  • The Needle and the Damage Done
  • Oh
  • The Stone
  • When the World Ends
  • Recently
  • Typical Situation
  • Tripping Billies
  • I’ll Back You Up
  • Grace Is Gone


  • Seek Up
  • Drive In, Drive Out
  • Proudest Monkey
  • Satellite
  • Black and Blue Bird
  • Squirm
  • So Much to Say
  • Anyone Seen the Bridge
  • Too Much
  • Virginia in the Rain
  • Lie in Our Graves
  • Digging a Ditch
  • You Might Die Trying


  • Sister
  • Belly Belly Nice