Daughters To Play Sold Out Turf Club 3/7


Sponsored by Surly and Radio K, Daughters will be playing to a sold out Turf Club on Thursday, March 7th and I am so excited to finally be crossing this group off my bucket list.

If anybody else said it, you might flip them off on principal alone… However, by titling their 2018 fourth full-length and debut for Ipecac Records, You Won’t Get What You Want, Daughters send a crystal clear message. The quartet—Alexis Marshall [vocals], Nick Sadler [guitar], Jon Syverson [drums], and Sam Walker [bass]—once again follow the same internal compass that guided them to blur the lines of fickle heavy music sub-genres in the first place and quietly ignite a cult fervor typically reserved for grindhouse phenomena.

In fact, the best way to describe the philosophy and the sound of the quartet is simply: rock ‘n’ roll. “I’ve always felt we decide what a Daughters record is,” Alexis exclaims. “It’s not a sound or an aesthetic. Daughters is the name of our group and, we will do whatever we want to do with it. If that’s a jazz record or an opera, then that’s the decision we’ve made. With that, this feels like the natural progression of things musically.”

Wolf Eyes, who will be supporting Daughters, is an American experimental music group from Michigan, formed in 1996 by Nate Young. Currently the group consists of John Olson and Nate Young. Wolf Eyes are a prominent act within contemporary noise music. They have collaborated with a variety of artists from different countries and art forms. The group has released 297 recordings during their 21 years of ceaseless prolific activity.

HIDE will be kicking the night off. HIDE was birthed from Chicago’s DIY scene in 2014. Heather Gabel and Seth Sher make up this electronic, sample-based, post-industrial duo. Haunting vocals, throbbing sub-bass and trance inducing drones round out a sound that both punishes and empowers.

As mentioned, this show is sold out but keep on eye on First Avenue’s social media accounts as sometimes there are giveaways and last minute tickets releases for sold out shows!

Remaining Tour Dates:

02/26 – Dallas, TX @ Curtain Club
02/27 – Austin, TX @ Barracuda
03/01 – Phoenix, AZ @ Rebel Lounge
03/02 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent
03/05 – Denver, CO @ Gothic Theatre
03/07 – St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club
03/08 – Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
03/09 – Detroit, MI @ Loving Touch
03/10 – Toronto, ON @ Lee’s Palace
03/11 – Montreal, QC @ La Sala Rosa
03/12 – Boston, MA @ Sinclair
03/13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw