D.O.A Brought Their Legendary Soundtrack To Sleepy Monday Night at Turf Club


It always blows my mind how many or few people show up to certain concerts. Last night’s D.O.A. show was one where I was shocked that it was just me and about forty strangers. I was truly expecting a nearly sold out crowd so, yeah, I was a bit heartbroken but being able to see such a legendary band in such an intimate setting is something that will never get old to me. Do I feel bad for the bands that played to a half empty room? Of course but that didn’t stop anyone from having a great freaking time last night at The Turf Club.

Kicking the night off just a little past 8:30 was local group Ripper. Having never heard of these guys, I was excited to see and hear what they were all about. This group got the night started off with their refreshing yet timeless punk sound. With a sense of aggression that didn’t come off as too in your face, Ripper’s set had me wanting more when it was all said and done. I’m a lover of all things local and, yes, I’ve found a home in the local metal and hip hop scenes but Ripper definitely made me want to dig in a bit deeper to the local punk scene. Although not extreme and nothing abrasive, they were the perfect opener for what would be an amazing night of music.

New York City based The Turbo A.C.’s were up next. Although the crowd was modest to put it best and people seemed a bit hesitant to join in on the fun of group chants and fist pumps, The Turbo A.C.’s didn’t let anything hold them back and played the sleepy Monday night show like it was their biggest show to date. Since the early 1990’s, The Turbo A.C’s have been providing some of the best rock n’ roll (on the verge of punk) music that I have heard in a long time. Although their sound is classic and timeless, there’s no denying the power that they have when it comes to performing live. Much like Ripper, the music was intense and energetic but also not abrasive or in your face. It was honestly perfect for a Monday night of what is sure to be a long week.

Having been around since the 1990’s and with too many releases for me to cover, The Turbo A.C.’s are nothing new to a lot of people but they were new to me last night. I absolutely loved the fact that was literally watching a band that has never given up. With nearly thirty years of playing music under their belts, I’m sure there have been some major ups and downs for this band and being able to see people strong enough and creative enough to get past those hills and valleys is something that I absolutely love about live music. It’s cliche, I know, but the music industry is a very dirty and miserable place to be at times and sometimes you just need to be reminded that there is longevity in this world of music if you’re willing to fight for it.

Speaking of longevity in the music industry– that doesn’t even being to describe the one and only D.O.A. Since the last 1970’s, this Canadian punk band has been making waves and has constantly stayed relevant in an ever changing punk scene. Honestly being able to see a band this legendary in a club that feels so much like a second home is next to impossible to put into words. They must have played about 30 songs (okay, maybe not but I honestly wasn’t counting). With seventeen albums to choose from, it amazed me that their set was constantly song after song that instantly transported me back to my punk teenage years. Although I didn’t really stick in the punk scene and found myself captivated by live metal music and the sound of anthemic pop punk songs, hearing these classic punk songs was definitely refreshing and gave me an indescribable sense of energy.

Much like The Turbo A.C.’s, D.O.A is a band that has truly stood the test of time. Although singer Joe Keithley is the only remaining original member, it seems as if very little about this band has changed. With breaks, break ups and the typical ups and downs, D.O.A is a band that has never changed their style to keep up with the Jones’. Their timeless sound mixed with their ever-lasting energy created the perfect atmosphere for last night’s show and, although the crowd wasn’t the most energetic one that I’ve ever seen, it was clear by the smiles on everyone’s faces and the hugs being shared around the venue that everyone was having a damn good night.

So maybe last night wasn’t the most exciting show I’ve ever been to but it was definitely one of the best. Being able to see legends in an intimate setting surrounded by a couple of friends that you hadn’t seen since college and complete strangers is sometimes way better than an epic mosh pit and the smell of spilled beer.