Cut Copy capture hearts, mind and dancing feet at First Avenue


Cut Copy, I never knew you could be this much fun!! I have to confess, I was a casual fan at best. I stumbled across “Lights & Music” years ago and my ears perked up when I hear Cut Copy on the radio since then my ears perk up, but that was about it. Well last night changed that………..

Starting the night was Palmbomen II the electronic project of Dutch artist Kai Hugo – no photos for this one, it was fairly dark and grainy and he was mostly hidden behind a keyboard / table. The music though was very interesting and kept my attention through his set with enough changes to draw me back in repeatedly.

Cut Copy took to the stage to loud cheers and launched into “Need You Now” from 2011’s “Zonoscope”. Their sound was some of the most danceable tunes I have heard at First Avenue in a while. The crowd was mid 20s to 30s and pretty much everyone of the floor was moving. It’s the kind of music that almost impossible to listen to without moving. I cooking, great dishes often are described as having layers of flavor – well Cut Copy manages to do this with their songs. The different instruments blend without one trying to dominate the others. The synths are always there but the overall sound does not feel “synthy”. It’s just this perfect blend of music that puts a smile on your face and makes you feet move.

The set went by too fast (even though it was a full set) and they closed fittingly with the song that brought them to my attention “Lights & Music”. All in all, I fell in love with Cut Copy and will not miss their next time back in town.

Set List:

  • Need You Now
  • Black Rainbows
  • Where I’m Going
  • Airborne
  • Lying Upside down
  • Free Your Mind
  • Counting Down
  • Future
  • Pharaohs & Pyramids
  • Hearts on Fire
  • Standing in the Middle of the Field
  • Take Me Over
  • Out There on the Ice


  • Meet Me In a House of Love
  • Lights and Music