Cram Release Show at the new Music Hall (J.W.A.C.H)


It was the first show in the Music Hall (once called Mill City Nights) and it was the Cram release show of their latest controversial project “Jesus Was a Crackhead”.  I say controversial because the group caught some backlash on Twitter leading up to their release show, but that didn’t seem to slow them down. Cram is a Minneapolis rap group consisting of four members; Jaylap (rapper/producer), TyyP (rapper), Shrimpnose (producer) and Sam (rapper).  The group formed back in December of 2015 and they have been on a roll ever since.  They have released three other projects in addition to “Jesus Was a Crackhead” – Cram vol. 1, Cram vol 2 and Fuck Cram.  The group has also played the main room at First Ave, the Prof outdoors after party at the Cabooze and have opened for Suicide Boys at Mill City Nights.  All of Cram’s music is produced by either Shrimpnose, Jaylap or both.  

After some awesome opening sets from artists like Judahboy and Eli the Prophet, the group of four gathered on the stage in the basement of the Music Hall.  With many in attendance, Cram started off by chanting their clever catch phrase “fuck Cram”, getting the crowd warmed up after coming in from the five degree weather outside.  If you haven’t seen Cram, their live sets are pretty hyphy.  Starting off with the song “Bite Squad” (produced by Shrimpnose), they’re asking “why can’t we all just be gang gang?” throughout the song.  They played my favorite song of theirs next in “TPB” (produced by Jaylap).  You may have seen the music video for this song back last summer.  The song is more melodic than some of their other songs – with Jaylap singing a little catchy hook while sampling the theme song of the TV show “The Trailer Park Boys”.  Cram’s next song was “Petty” (produced by Jaylap) which of the seven songs on “Jesus Was a Crackhead” it has the most plays on soundcloud with over 7,000 hits!  The group ended by playing  songs off their other projects “Booted”, “Bodybag”, “Rocket” and “Trenches”.  While performing throughout their set, the group’s performance was very integrated with the crowd.  With Jaylap rapping in the trenches of the crowd and Shrimpnose running on and off stage with his cut pajamas on – the crowd was having a blast!  Although you may not be able to understand every word they are saying, the group of four definitely knows how to get a party started.  Hopefully this latest project will bring more success to the Minneapolis rap group.