Craig Finn And The Uptown Controllers Landing At The Fine Line 6/8


Craig Finn and The Uptown Controllers come home to The Fine Line in support of the most recent album I Need A New War.  Tickets and details for the show can be found HERE.

New War represents Finn’s final album in a trilogy reflecting on the challenges of living in the modern world.  Each of the albums represent a significant departure from the frenetic front man we associate with rock heavy weight The Hold Steady.  The trilogy is quieter, more reflective.  Each celebrates and commiserates the tiny daily triumphs and frustrating let downs of his characters.  People like us.  Simpy struggling to stay afloat in a world moving at the speed of light.

Finn continues to evolve as an artist.  As The Hold Steady has cut back on its touring output, he has remained busy in solo pursuits; this being the fourth Finn project since 2012.  The subject matter of the material has become smaller and more focused while at the same time becoming more universal in experience.  The arrangements more contained, stained with horns and back up harmonies.  Perhaps it is simply a function of age and maturity.  Both have a way of changing how we view the world.  And our place in it.  

Who would ever have imagined that Finn would emerge as the spokesman for a modern man in modern times?  While Hold Steady hard-cores might bemoan the mellowing represented on the most recent trilogy, the music is about us all and well worth the engagement.