Corey Palmer & Lovetrade at the Turf Club 7/21/2016


Thursday night featured the last show by Corey Palmer & Lovetrade for a while so fans were eager to see him at the Turf Club.

Starting the Night was Aaron Rice a young Minneapolis native now living in LA. I only caught the end of his set, and liked the short bit I heard.

Holidae was up next. The duo of Ashley Gold and Garrett Neal burst on to scene last year with their single “Darkest Shade” This spring an album “Tantrum” followed. Holidae combines great synths, beats and vocals into very dancable tunes. They had fans dancing from their first song to their last and even had some innocent bystanders on the light rail platform outside the Turf Club joining in.


Corey Palmer and his band Lovetrade released “This Could Be About Anyone” earlier this year. The 7-piece packed the small stage at the Turf Club, especially since many of them played more than one instrument that had to find space on stage. The band felt like a group of close friends getting ready to jam in a very relaxed mood. The music was relaxed as well. Palmers smooth vocals were nicely supported by harmonies from his band mates. An interesting contrast was his shirt and tie with the sleeveless shirt of the musician behind him. Palmers music is deep, composed of many layers, and very enjoyable. Overall a nice performance and let’s hope Corey Palmer & Lovetrade will be back.