Cool Shows Next Week – 9/27 – 10/3


Monday 9/27


Paula Cole at the Pantages – TICKETS

Paula’s immediate impact on music and culture in the late 1990s still resonates today in both popular consciousness and in the energy of her fans. Her rise led to radio hits andGrammy wins, but also to a coalescing of a new series of feminist voices in musicwhich cut through to the mainstream on MTV and at era-defining events likeLilith Fair. She garnered seven Grammy nominations for her second album and major-label debut, This Fire, with its timeless hits,“Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?” and “I Don’t Want To Wait” (later the theme song for hit TV series Dawson’s Creek).In 1997 she became the first sole woman (without collaborators) nominated asProducer of the Year; she won Best New Artists the same year.

Sunday 10/3

Transviolet at the Skyway Theatre – TICKETS 

From the very beginning, Transviolet has made a point to approach music differently. Like when they released their first single Girls Your Age, the band sent out 2,000 plain manilla envelopes to kids across the country containing a cassette tape that only said “play me”, not realizing that was pretty near to the exact plot of the horror movie SAW. Blogs and press outlets took notice, but no one cared nearly as much as the mothers across the country when they took to facebook to demand answers, and threaten the band with legal action. It was hilarious. 

24 hours later and Katy Perry‬ Tweeted out the song, a week later ‪Harry Styles‬. A flood of attention came to the band and they were thrown into the deep end that is the music industry. Transviolet put out two more EPs, seeing critical acclaim from countless press outlets. 
 Now in 2019 with multiple support (Twenty one pilots, LANY, ‪Dua Lipa‬, ‪Joywave‬) and headlining tours (US, UK) under their collective belt, and tens of millions of streams –  Transviolet is gearing up to release their first Independent full album. 

Feeling as they’re writing the best material of their career thus far, the band couldn’t be more ready to show the world, just who it is, they are.  
 Self written, self mixed, self mastered, self released, the band is taking the reins and show no signs of slowing down.

Middle Kids at the Fine Line – TICKETS

Today We’re The Greatest earned critical acclaim. Throughout the year, the band also delivered some stellar performances via US TV playing their uplifting album favorite “Questions” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, CBS This Morning and playing the album’s title track on The Late Late Show With James Corden. It was an exciting run of quality and mesmerizing musicianship and a taste of what US audiences will get to see in-person this fall.

Recorded in Los Angeles in October 2019 with producer Lars Stalfors (St. Vincent, Soccer Mommy, Cold War Kids), Middle Kids (Hannah Joy, Tim Fitz and Harry Day) relished in exploring the space between smoldering intensity and an explosive vivacity that never burns out of control; from the brassy climax of “Questions” to the starkly confessional quality of “Some People Stay in Our Hearts Forever” and the insistent gallop of “R U 4Me?.”

Given the massive changes Joy went through as she was working on Today We’re The Greatest, it’s easy to see — and hear –why. Beyond her baby’s heartbeat cameo on “Run With You,” Joy’s journey to motherhood and her marriage with Fitz has imbued her love songs with a vibrancy that’s unabashedly romantic yet free of clichés. “Stacking Chairs,” with its unique allegories and Joy’s sunny vocals, strikes this delicate balance beautifully: it’s a testament to her deep connection with Fitz and the new, “infinitesimal” love that transformed their lives with their son’s arrival.