Cool Shows Next Week 8/16 – 8/22


Wednesday 8/18

Elektric Voodoo at the Hook and Ladder – TICKETS

Elektric Voodoo is set to perform live in Minneapolis at the Hook & Ladder on August 18th. The show is part of their upcoming US tour starting 8/7 in Mammoth Lakes, CA. The band recently released “Telescope,” the title track from their upcoming album.The track premiered with Glide Magazine stating, “Telescope encompasses a sonic parade of drums, horns, and guitars with a shake-up the masses mission.” Be on the lookout for the full album, due out August 20th! (Stream Here:

Elektric Voodoo’s Scott Tournet discusses the single, “I’ve been peering through a Telescope…looking at the world up close…but never opening up both eyes. These lyrics from the title track summarize the plight of the main character through the first half of the record. On top of a heavy funk and afrobeat groove, this song stacks blissed out synths and delayed guitars that drift along with a song that could work in a stripped down singer-songwriter setting. An amalgamation of genres and elements that are disparate but blend in a natural way.”


Saturday 8/21

Cloud Nothings at the Entry – TICKETS

When singer-songwriter Dylan Baldi began recording hyper-catchy and often deliriously distorted guitar-pop songs on a computer in his parents’ Cleveland basement, he was doing it alone—juggling every instrument and singing undefinable lyrics that used obtuse abstractions as much as they did teenage diary. The young, once-tuxedoed concert saxophonist started releasing a flurry of lo-fi earworms across 7” singles, cassette splits, benefit compilations, and one album, Turning On. Released by Carpark in 2010, the album was reissued on vinyl in 2020 for its 10-year anniversary.

Looking back on more than a decade of music-making as Cloud Nothings, the group has plenty of reasons to be proud. Though no one expects the beings who gave us the song “No Future / No Past” to pause for nostalgia or pride. “So many bands can fizzle out and fade into sameness, but it’s never been like that for them,” Brown, who joined in 2016, says of his bandmates. With The Shadow I Remember seeing the band mature and cohere like never before, it feels as if the group is only just getting started. “We’ve been mad at each other. We’ve had life-changing times together. We’ve been through so much,” Gerycz says. “At the end of the day, we’re still very close friends and we care a lot about each other. How could it ever end?”


Nelson Devereaux and The RT’s at the Turf Club – TICKETS

They say it takes nearly a decade for a wine to mature. The same could be said for The RT’s (formerly The Rad Trads). If you caught their brand of raucous, beer-soaked trad jazz and blues in the early days, you‘ll see the same ingredients (boisterous horns, impassioned vocals, and a driving groove) but a new flavor, and the kind of maturity and subtlety that only comes with time.

That’s why it felt like the right moment to change the band’s name.

Nelson Devereaux is a recording artist, composer, teacher, arranger, and woodwind player living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Milwaukee-native Devereaux started playing alto saxophone at 8 years old, studying with Berkeley Fudge at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. When he was 18, he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and studied saxophone Eugene Rousseau at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.