Conor Oberst at Rock the Garden 6/20/2015


Conor Oberst, he of Omaha, NE and many projects finally played a set at Rock the Garden. Given the fan overlap between him and The Current the delay was surprising. Oberst is known for his collaborations with other artists and his set was supported by the Felice Brothers a New York Americana band.
True to his roots the set was quieter and more introverted. At times Oberst seemed almost shy on stage but he also had a few “rocking” moments.

Overheard from a “Bro” in the crowd: Why is that guy always so sad? He gets to travel and do his music, that would be my dream.

Set List:
Time Forgot
Hundreds of Ways
Four Winds
Southern State
Cape Canaveral
Soul Singer in a Session Band
Butch Cassidy
Method Acting
Poison Oak
Milk Thistle

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