Common Deer And Hot Date To Play The Amsterdam On 4/2


Canada’s Common Deer is currently on tour promoting their new EP “II” and will make a stop at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall next Monday 4/2 teaming up with Minnesota’s Hot Date for what is sure to be a fun show. Tickets are available HERE

Some artists want to shine a light in the darkness. Common Deer come with an arsenal of floodlights. Music is a balm in anxious, isolated times. In the hands of this powerful Toronto quintet, it’s a vessel of uplift, a call for camaraderie, an act of resistance against jaded nihilism. Though not explicitly political, the lyrics of vocalists

Graham McLaughlin (guitar, violin) and Sheila Hart (keyboards) reflect the zeitgeist: addressing the anxiety of the modern age, crying out for a sense of connection, driven by a sense of carpe diem that stems from personal tragedy. “Trying to create light in the darkness; it’s a mentality we share,” says Graham. They’re not blind optimists peddling escapism, though their live shows are joyous, celebratory affairs, rich with rousing, orchestral pop sound built for festival stages.

Hot Date, also just released a new EP “Spaces” and will be joining Common Deer in – as they put it – “An anxieties of the modern age”. Red wine and long nights yielded the spontaneous songwriting collected in Hot Date’s first album, “For Lovers”. Eric Carranza and Nora O’Brien have created songs that are warm and intimate, but also edgy and playful. Most recordings were captured in their home studio by the duo, along with the talents of friends. The wide array of sounds in this album may be the next vintage standards for speakeasies of the future. Hot Date is based in Saint Paul Minnesota where they practice Yoga, eating breakfast, and being lovers.