Cold Kingdom Will Play The Fine Line on 7/20


Whether you are a fan of great local music (especially metal) or a music fan in town for the X Games but not in the mood to party with the EDM kids at the Armory, there’s a great show at the Fine Line for you next Friday 7/20.

Born of Minneapolis in 2014, Cold Kingdom is a full-out, juggernaut hard rock band that dispenses a lethal combination of fury and sentiment, delivering emotional lyrics wrapped in an unbreakable hard rock casing. Every time we catch them they have been impressive but never more so than when they jump started the early crowd at Northern Invasion this year as the very first performers. Sadly this will be the last time singer Dani Engum will be performing with the band.

Supporting them will be Firefight, The Zealots and The Missing Letters. Tickets are available HERE