Cody Jinks at The Cabooze

Cody Jinks @ The Cabooze

I can image that most at The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN) figured that Friday Night would equal average, bar-level music. This may be true elsewhere, but with Cody Jinks kicking off the evening, the situation changed rapidly. Introducing us all to a few songs from his latest album Adobe Sessions, Cody Jinks kicked The Cabooze into high gear by playing, “What Else is New,” “Mamma Song,” and the two-step inducing “David.” That was all it took as crowd were on their feet and with energy high enough to spark a fire. For many, myself included, the most anticipated song of the evening was “Cast No Stones.” Originally recorded on the album of the same name, Cody took the opportunity to re-record the song with a deeper, harder, and more blues rich sound. It is rare to see a live performance that feels as though it trumps the recorded version of a song, but if I had to pick one, this would be it. Clearly, it was an amazing set.

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