Coachella At The Fine Line With Wild Belle


I had well laid out plans before descending into 5 days of NCAA madness. Take in a ska show (The Interrupters at the Varsity) and since it’s an early show, catch up on my sleep. Well, life and Wild Belle had different plans for me. A last minute e-mail for their PR rep got me to change my plans and saw me defying the laws of traffic and physics to make it in time from the Varsity to the Fine Line. I lucked out on street parking and walked into the Fine Line 2 minutes before set time – German punctuality at its finest 🙂 – even though I had to miss Stacy K.’s opening set.

The band name rang a bell (pun intended) but I did not have a chance to catch up on their music beforehand. I confess, I am horrible remembering artists’ names – a sad statement for someone in my chosen field.  

The vibe at the Fine Line was a sharp contrast to the punk/ska show I had just left. Very chill, artsy and if it hadn’t been for the spring chill, I would have called it a Coachella style atmosphere. Wild Belle are a brother / sister duo and just released their third album “Everybody One of a Kind” a couple of weeks ago. Singer Natalie Bergman captures everyone’s attention the moment she took the stage. “Rocksteady” set the mood perfectly. The new album has strong reggae / dancehall influences punctuated by Elliot Bergman’s beats and sax blasts. As their set progressed I found myself familiar with many of their songs – I do remember music much better than names. Maybe bands should have a 5 second jingle instead of a name – that would help me.

I enjoyed most the their songs with “Mockingbird” being a personal favorite. But it was not until the encore “Thrown Down Your Guns” that the penny dropped for me – “Oh THAT”S that band!”. So last night turned out even better than I had planned – bonus show, putting a name & face to songs that I already liked, discovering a few new songs. Check back with me next week – more shows coming if I survive……..

Set List: Rocksteady / Mockingbird / It’s Too Late / Losing You / Dreamland / Another Girl / Cannonball / Everybody One Of A Kind / Tumbleweed / Keep You / Giving Up On You / Rock & Roll Angel

Encore: Love Like This / Guns