CHVRCHES Set to Play Two Sold-Out Nights at Palace Theater


On October 2nd and 3rd the Scottish synth pop will play two sold out shows at The Palace Theater. With them they bring the new up and coming pop band, Lo Moon.

Since emerging in 2013 with their hit song “Recover” CHVRCHES has only been on an upward trajectory. The band has now put out three albums all of which have obtained radio hits. CHVRCHES is made up of three members Iain Cook and Martin Doherty creating the beats and playing instruments for front women, Lauren Mayberry. 

Although they play pop music their ideas are far from your normal top 40 singers. As the story goes, while CHVRCHES was in the studio recording their last album some bigwig record company people came in and said “Isn’t it time we get a number 1 hit?” After sitting in the room for about 30 minutes these people wrote a chorus and lyrics that didn’t totally seemed finish or good for that matter. Then they said “That’s it, here is your hit!” Once they left the band was confused about what just happened and decided not to use anything those bigwigs put on the table. The third album is called “Love is Dead” and is in stores and on all streaming services.

The opener is also a three piece synth band. However, they are not from Scotland, rather a wide variety of places. Matt Lowell (Singer) is from Long Island, Crisanta Baker (Keys, Guitar, Bass) is from Denver and Sam Stewart (Guitar) is from London. The band just released their self-entitled debut album this year and the fans seem to be eating it up. From their high energy vocals to their melancholy sound, the band is a perfect opener for CHVRCHES.

If you have a ticket, consider yourself lucky. Both nights (Oct 2&3) at The Palace Theater are SOLD-OUT.