Chris Robinson Brotherhood Brings The Best Of American Music To The First Ave. Mainroom


The Chris Robinson Brotherhood brought their gypsy caravan to a packed Mainroom at First Ave. on Saturday night. The Brotherhood are out in support of their latest release Barefoot In The Head.

Prior to the band coming out, a crew member baptized the stage with incense. With no opener, the CRB came out to thunderous applause from the near capacity crowd. Long hair, beards and tie dye ruled, both on and off stage. The band immediately began to take the audience on a psychedelic trip from the opening tune “Shore Power”.  The band of gypsies include Neal Casal on guitar and Jeff Hill on bass, led by the consummate front man Chris Robinson. Robinson is able to channel spirits of singer’s past and create a retro vibe that still remains relevant. The master of the rock/soul vocals wore an ear to ear grin the entire show.  Not one to remain in one place too long, Robinson ruled the Mainroom stage, prancing from end to end while adding tasty guitar licks where needed.

As the evening progressed, the line between band and audience was blurred, both intoxicated by the music. A Brotherhood of band and fan was forged. The crowd moved as if one super organism, bound together in euphoric motion reminiscent of a San Francisco Acid Test. Guitarist Casal grooved effortlessly with keys player Adam McDougall throughout the night. You could almost see the color and sound moving through the air, The music seemed to wash over the Mainroom, worries of the world carried out the front door left open for the smokers.

The guys played 2 full sets of music. Standouts were the rocker “Rare Birds”, the country tinged “High Is Not The Top” and the jammy, Phish flavored “California Hymn”. And what CRB show would be complete without a killer cover? The boys delivered, with their take on the Stones tune “Time Waits For No One”.

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood brought the goods Saturday night, touching on thoroughly American music themes of country, blues and good old rock and roll.


Set 1: Shore Power – Someday Past The Sunset – Reflections On A Broken Mirror – Rare Birds – Good To Know – Venus In Chrome – Beware, Oh Take Care – Rosalee

Set 2: Jump The Turnstile – Narcissus Soaking Wet – The Chauffeur’s Daughter – California Hymn – She Belongs To Me – High Is Not The Top – Ain’t It Hard But Fair – Behold The Seer

Encore: Time Waits For No One