Children Of Bodom Hexes The Skyway Theater


The Finnish Extreme Death Metal group Children Of Bodom was playing at the Skyway Theater Wednesday night and the crowd loved the performance. The band played songs from their 20 years of tunes including a few selections from their recently released album Hexed. They were joined by three other bands

Hollow Cry opened the night as the crowd just started building. With a 6:30 start, people slowly filed in to the Skyway Theater. For those that came later, they missed some great music. Hollow Cry is a Metalcore band from Spain and has been together since 2010. They were a great start to the night.

Wolfheart was the second band and they kept the Metal coming. Wolfheart is a Finnish band and has been together since 2013. The crowd had gotten larger and a little rowdier. Judging by the cheers and audience response, the band was a big hit.

The third band was Swallow The Sun. They are another Finnish Extreme Metal Band originally formed in the early 2000’s. Their songs emphasize doom and their set was gloomy and dark in atmosphere and presentation. They were more mellow than the first 2 bands, but put on a great show and I really enjoyed their set as did the rest of the audience.

While the stage was being taken down and set up for the Children Of Bodom, the crowd started chanting “Bodom, Bodom”. As the Children of Bodom took the stage, the crowd had filled the Skyway theater and the crowd was even rowdier than before. The chants of Bodom continued throughout their performance, which had several crowd surfers and circle pits. They played old and new songs, which were frequently sung by the audience. It was a great night for metal and the crowd was fortunate to see 4 great bands together in a single bill.