Chatham Rise at First Avenue 5/29/2015


It was a hard fought battle but local psych / shoegaze band Chatham Rise beat previous champ The Bots for title of “Most challenging to photograph”. Their setup was visually stunning for the eyes but frustrating for camera sensors. House lights? We don’t need no steeenking house lights! Well maybe a little purple to set off the rotating light beams from our ground lights.

Since the release of their debut EP in 2009 the band has been a favorite of critics and audiences but much like the underwater plateau they are named after never quite broke the surface of mainstream media. As the first of 3 bands playing at First Ave, they brought a good number of fans to the venue that clearly was there to see them. Their songs are slow building, intense and jammy without every loosing themselves.

I really enjoyed their performance (even while muttering to myself about having to push my camera). The pictures may be a bit noisy and soft but the Chatham Rise’s music certainly never was.

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