Chastity Brown releases “Silhouette of Sirens” at the sold out Fitzgerald Theatre


I’m not sure what took more time – Chastity Brown finishing her new album “Silhouette of Sirens” or our schedules to finally match so we would have a chance to cover her. In the end, “Silhouette of Sirens” finished first but, we did make it to Friday’s release show at the Fitzgerald a close second. The show was sold out and the audience an impressive range of age and gender, proof of Chastity Brown’s wide reach in the Twin Cities Music Scene.

Opening for Brown was Taylor Seaberg who started her first song solo before bringing her band on stage. Her set was original material with a cover thrown in and had a jazzy vibe, with some very interesting vocal intros.

4 years in the making, “Silhouette of Sirens” went from almost finished, through a reboot to its final form. So, it was only natural for Brown to start the set slowly with a drawn out instrumental intro on dark stage before joining her band. “Drive Slow” her opening number reminded me of all the things I love about Chastity Brown’s music. The sound is complex without getting in the way of her voice, that to me always seems to be edgy and a bit haunting. There’s an urgency, an intensity to the way she sings without rushing. With all the new material, I was not expecting a cover, yet there is was “Midnight in Harlem”.
She took her time to thank all the people who contributed to her album and those working hard to see it succeed. “Folks walking ahead with big trumpets” she calls them. Through the set, there was a strong feeling of pride in the work she had accomplished and a quiet exuberance could be felt. 
All in all, I was very happy to finally catch up with Brown and feel both my chase and the years she spent crafting her album were well spent.

Set List: Drive Slow / Pouring Rain / Midnight in Harlem / Soley / Carried Away / Colorado / Lies / How Could I / Live Wire / After You / Whisper / My Stone / Ask for Nothing Encore: Lost / Wake Up