Charly Bliss at the Cedar 7/23/2015


I had never heard of “bubblegrunge” before Thursday night, but I was fully immersed in it after Charly Bliss’ set at the Cedar. There is no formal definition for this oxymoronic genre, but you can easily grasp the idea after a quick listen to the New York-based band. Lead vocalist Eva Hendricks supplied the “bubble” with her girlish voice and mannerisms while the rest of the band laid out the smoldering emotional sludge that characterizes grunge.  The contrasting elements drew you in and held your interest with its cohesiveness. It was a short, yet tight, set that gave us a crash course in Charly Bliss. They held their own and did not falter in playing their mutant music. Grunge is a genre that has lain dormant for nearly two decades and this group injected some pop to create a whole new monster.

Charly Bliss is currently on tour and will be playing in Toronto on July 28th. They have two EPs out, Soft Serve and A Lot to Say. Both albums are available now on their Bandcamp.

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