Chad Valley with Computer Magic and Devata Daun at The Entry


Wednesday night was a great night for electronic music in Minneapolis. 7th Street Entry hosted a slew of great up and coming artists from around the world and our own backyard. UK-based Chad Valley brought a killer line-up to The Entry including Brooklyn-based duo Computer Magic and Minneapolis’ own Devata Daun. Local legend Sean Matthew Tillmann aka Har Mar Superstar is obviously making the rounds this week. He popped up at Electric Guest on Tuesday at The Triple Rock and was spotted again last night, drink(s) in hand, rocking out to Computer Magic.

Kicking off the evening was local favorite Devata Daun with a little help from c.Kostra. Devata Daun and c.Kostra are two key players in the local music scene. When they aren’t spinning records and playing shows, they are managing  local independent label – Pytch Records. We first got familiar with Pytch Records earlier this fall, when we sat down to chat with c.Kostra ahead of his new album. It’s clear Devata Daun and c.Kostra stay busy, playing shows and DJ sets around the Twin Cities but this was my first time getting to see them live and they did not disappoint. Devata Daun’s cool lo-fi and darkwave sound mixed with heavy vocal distortion and echoing definitely translated live, making for a very interesting live set. “I’m really excited to opening for Computer Magic and Chad Valley. I’m just from Minneapolis,” Devata Daun said. “JUST MINNEAPOLIS!!” someone from the crowd shouted back. If one things is for sure about Minneapolis, it’s that we love our local bands. Devata Daun and c.Kostra held down the stage with a quiet confidence, it’s not overdone, it’s not over the top, which is refreshing in an age where it seems everyone is just trying to out weird each other. Devata Daun’s chill set was the perfect start to the evening. If you missed her, be sure to give her album L o o k a listen.

Up next was Brooklyn-based duo Computer Magic. Computer Magic is the brainchild of  Danielle “Danz” Johnson. Computer Magic has gathered somewhat of a cult following both here in the US as well as in Japan in recent years. Getting to see their set in such an intimate venue like The Entry, I definitely understood why they’ve experienced such success. Johnson is a true performer – she had the room absolutely captivated at her every move. She played through her set with like a true pro. At one point in between songs her mic went out, but she just laughed through it. “I was gonna tell a joke, but now I can’t, oh it’s working now! Ok – you guys wanna hear a joke?” she went on. This was Computer Magic’s fourth time in Minneapolis and it’s clear they have a following here too. They’re set was heavy synth and drums driven. I found myself absolutely enthralled with this set. It seemed I wasn’t the only one either. Spotted front row was Minneapolis’ own Sean Matthew Tillmann aka Har Mar Superstar, rocking out to Computer Magic.

Finally, closing out the evening was Chad Valley (also known as Hugo Manuel). Chad Valley is one of those artists I can’t even remember when I got into. He’s just always been a staple on my playlists and a go to artist to throw on at work or driving around. This was my first time seeing Chad Valley and I sure as hell hope it’s not the last. For a one-man band, Chad Valley’s set was absolutely captivating. Switching between his keys and synth, sitting and standing, making jokes, he worked the stage and crowd with a sense that this is what he is meant to do.  Chad Valley’s set featured a variety of songs off him numerous albums, both old and new.  At shows I usually try to take a few notes in my phone but I was so into just watching Chad Valley do his thing I didn’t take many . The one note I had was a quote from Chad Valley that says “I remind myself of meatloaf.” I can’t remember the context of that, but seems to sum up his happy-go-lucky, no f’s given demeanour. Chad Valley is the dude you want to perform at your party and then just have a few beers with. He drew the crowd in with his laid-back vibe and infectious beats, and had the Entry turning up, even on Wednesday night.