Catch a Fire Tour at the Cabooze Plaza 9/12/2015


On a perfect late summer evening the Cabooze Plaza was full of the sound of Reggae. The “Catch a Fire” tour headlined by Damian & Stephen Marley a number of Reggae artists perform under its umbrella.

Throughout the evening the connecting string was the respect for family, peace and the influences of Rastafarianism. Younger artists were praised by their elders as the future.

We missed Morgan Heritage (sorry)

Tarrus Riley
Born in the Bronx and raised in Jamaica, he performed for the first time in Minneapolis. His songs have a modern vibe without losing their roots in Reggae. He has great stage presence.

Catch the Fire-3

Black am I
There was only time for one song in his set but, Reggae fans should keep their eyes open for this youg singer.

Catch the Fire-13

Jo Mersa
The oldest son of Stephen Marley also was limited to one song (darn those city noise ordinances)

Catch the Fire-18

Stephen “Ragga” Marley
Son of Bob and Rita Marley, he is a 6 time Grammy award winner for his solo work as well as a producer and member of his brother Ziggy’s band the Melody Makers. His set featured many of this fathers songs as well as his own materials.

Catch the Fire-34

Skip Marley
The youngest member of the Marley clan to burst onto the scene, he performed one song during his uncle Stephen’s set.

Catch the Fire-41

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
Bob Marley’s youngest son has been performing since 1992 and has worked with some of rock and reggae’s greatest names. His music leans towards dancehall but as Damian points out, it is impossible to separate the two styles. His songs are harder and show more modern influences. The show closed with the brothers joined on stage sending the crow out into the night on a high note.

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