Catbath at the Entry 8/19/2015


When planning a concert shoot I look into the opening bands to decide what time I should get there. So when I looked at CatBath’s FB page and read “Catbath’s purring harmonies, roaring screams and hissing fuzz and feedback, are as fresh and bracing to the ears as a rough cat’s tongue to the cheek.” I figured I was either in for some interesting music or a bunch of crazy cat ladies talking about their furry friends. Turns out it, CatBath is a really cool band and nobody in the audience lit up a catnip joint.

The Trio of Crystal Stockert (drums), Kristin Kosieracki (bass) and Travis Franklin (guitar) has been around since 2013. Their songs are short leaning on the punk “2 minute bursts of anger” concept, yet have great hooks and harmonies surrounded by screams and angry growls. Their stage presence varies from cool to aggressive and keeps things interesting. Catbath’s sound has it’s roots in many styles, but the one mental image that kept coming to my mind: The young B-52s, before they became your parents’ favorite band.


My personal favorite was Colorado. Catbath are a great local bands and well worth your time. Check out their album on Bandcamp

Set List:
Fish Bowl
Law of Average
Bop, Ooo

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