Carolina Way, Pelham to play the Viking Bar on 8/6


If you are looking for a great way to close out the weekend on Sunday night, check out the lineup at the Viking Bar for 8/6 starting at 8 PM.

Headliner Carolina Way’s tour promoting their new album “Fear and Loathing in Ashevegas” will be in town supported by local acts The Wayward McCoys, Pelham, and Threek.

Carolina Way’s Wray Brothers combine old school influences with a pure love of the American South, in attempt to blur the lines between indie and mainstream music even further through honest, believable lyrics and authentic, catchy melodies.

Pelham is living proof that raw talent, ambition and determination can still prevail in the ailing music industry. Previously performing under the name Jacob Jones, Pelham altered his stage name to stand out amongst the rest of the Jones’ in the music world.

​Based in Minneapolis, this singer-songwriter’s music has been described as an acoustic, foot-tapping, soulful blend.

​Undoubtedly unique and unwavering in his commitment to his artistic vision, Pelham portrays an intellect and maturity that penetrates through his music. After being told by countless authorities and peers that the music industry is a “hopeless” field to enter, Pelham has developed a thick skin and confidence that seeps through his voice and into his music.