Caamp Folks Up The Palace Theatre Friday Night


Photos by Vito Ingerto

A sold out Palace Theatre had a folkin’ good time when Caamp brought their unique show to town Friday night. Caamp was supported by Dave Simonett for this show.

Dave Simonett came out solo right around 7 on Saturday night. The man has a fine pedigree, working with Trampled By Turtles and Dead Man Winter. His set was soulful and genuine, more Neil Young than Bill Monroe. You could tell these songs were personal. The Palace was packed to capacity for his set, but he held the crowd captivated The majority of the set was comprised of tunes off of his solo release Red Tail.  The set had the flow of a hawk floating on a summer thermal. 

Caamp came on right around 9:15 and the crowd immediately reacted with a booming roar. The stage was lit dramatically, which added to the excitement. The stage had a Grand Ole Opry feel, and the band wasted no time getting down to business. Taylor Meier and Evan Westfal have been playing together since highschool, and it shows in the way the banjo and guitar dance together harmoniously. The bands sound was big, bold and beautiful. Calm and nonchalant, Meire’s vocals were mature and nostalgic with a hint of smokiness. 

Caamps songs weave timeless stories, yellowed with age, some haunting and some reminiscent of warm summer days. Uncomplicated Midwestern subsistence. And while there were tales of love lost, the band always brought you back to a positive place, everything will be alright. Committed to authentic music, the music inspired emotions in the packed house. And while the show was sold out, the crowd was respectful and the vibe was extremely positive.

With elements traditional and modern, Caamp delivered an inspired set to a grateful crowd on Friday night.