CAAMP and Rainbow Kitten Surprise play 7th Street Entry


It might have been cold outside, but it was nice and warm inside a sold out 7th Street Entry last night for CAAMP and Rainbow Kitten Surprise. For two bands that are just starting to generate a decent amount of buzz, Minneapolis sure was stoked to have these two bands roll through town as part of their winter tour. Shortly after 8 PM there were already fans lining up outside the star-covered walls of First Ave, to file into the tiny 7th Street Entry.

Warming up the stage for the evening was Ohio-based duo, CAAMP. CAAMP, aka Evan Westfall and Taylor Meier, proved last night that sometimes less is more. Their scaled back set, with Taylor on the guitar and Evan on the banjo/foot drum was simple and minimalistic but absolutely lovely. In an age of synth and sometimes over-the-top grandiose gimmicks, it was refreshing to see something so stripped back. “It’s cold where we’re from, but it’s really cold here,” they joked during their set. CAAMP played their roughly 45-minute set like seasoned pros, with folky melodies and charming harmonies, they had the crowd eating up every bit of it. Highlights from their set included the infectiously catchy Misty, So Long Honey and a cover of The Head and The Heart’s Lost in My Mind. Stay tuned as it seems their is plenty more to come from CAAMP.

Headliners Rainbow Kitten Surprise took to the stage story after 10:00pm to an enthusiastic (and buzzed) crowd, there was no shortage of cheap beer last night to warm up with. Rainbow Kitten Surprise hailing from Boone, North Carolina is a five-piece band, who just snagged coveted spots on the festival circuit at both Sasquatch and Bonnaroo. For a band whose name could not be more misleading, it’s clear they have a very loyal following. The energy in the Entry was contagious last night as frontman, Sam Melo took to the stage. He opened the set solo, with All That and More (Sailboat), before being joined on stage by the rest of the band. RKS’ set was high energy from start to finish. Their polished harmonies and catchy hooks make for songs you can’t help but dance to, and that’s just what the crowd did. From the front to the back of the basement sized Entry, it was nothing but dancing and good vibes last night. RKS set was simultaneously feel-good and cathartic. “This song goes out to the people with a broken heart. And the people not laughing, I know that’s you,” RKS said, before launching into Cold Love. Their set also featured Seven, Cocaine Jesus and American Shoes off their two LPs. They closed their set with the anthemic That’s My Shit.  


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