C.Kostra to release his debut album “Now I Feel It” at the Icehouse 12/2


Pytch Records will be releasing the debut album “Now I Feel It” from c.Kostra on December 2nd 2016. c.Kostra is Ryan Olcott, a Minneapolis recording artist, performer, writer, producer, technician, musical conceptualist and scene mogul. Olcott’s lengthy credits include 12 Rods (obtaining a rare 10.0 Pitchfork review), Mystery Palace and Foodteam. In addition to his own bands, Olcott has also produced records for Solid Gold, Claps, Devata Daun, Fort Wilson Riot and Finesse.
c.Kostra’s music captures the optimistic vibe of warped sentimental soul while referencing vast catalogs of shoegaze, hip-hop, electronic, vaporwave and UK garage. Olcott’s distinguishable songwriting trademarks are presented effortlessly as gorgeous lo-fi pop masterpieces. “Now I Feel It’ is a collection of surreal distinctive lo-fi R&B crafted with an unexpected soulful vocoder and tons of hooks. The engaging style of c.Kostra’s music gets attention from a vast array of relevant scenes, genres and demographics. c.Kostra has created a surreal yet all encompassing sound that could be the crowning jewel of Olcott’s career.

The release show will be December 2nd, 2016 at Icehouse with supporting acts Solid Gold, 68 Degrees (Mark Ritsema of Suzie), Zina and DJ Devata Daun. Tickets are still available HERE