Buried Above Ground Releases ‘Serpent’ Music Video


Cover photo by David Rubene


An explosion just occurred in the form of Minnesota-based Buried Above Ground. The bands newest video ‘Serpent‘ released today with extreme vengeance. It is extremely powerful, brutal, a true beating on the senses, and …. utterly fantastic!!

** Warning: The video is the director’s release and contains adult level content **

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with the band for a brief discussion on upcoming video release of ‘Serpent’:

 With the new video now complete and getting ready for release, who directed the video?

The video was directed by Jessie Lynch. Jessie is an awesome director and filmmaker out of Minneapolis. We wanted to try and work with someone different on the projects. Jessie took our ideas and made the concepts extremely real. We had a ton of visual ideas and different thoughts, and he was able to pull it off visually and make it into a full story. To date, the video is probably one of our favorites.

What is the concept or theme of the video?

Pure horror! Ultimately, instead of doing a video that was linear with a storyline and live shots intermingled in, we wanted the video to very dark and sinister. It was really more about the visuals and how the visuals make you feel … how the emotion in the song and the visuals meld together.

Was the goal of the video to convey the songs meaning or was it to give an interpretation of the song?

It was definitely way more interpretative instead of a literal translation of the lyrics. This video has more of a suggestive feel to it and leaves more open to interpretation. To the listener/watcher, it could correlate to something in the song or even possibly something in their life. it really gives you options on how you feel about the song instead of being literal.

Are you going to carry elements of the video into your live shows?

We will still bring that extreme high-energy to the stage. We’ll still keep our stage clothes (blood included). Definitely not going theatrical and will always put forth solid metal performances.

So what’s next for the band?

We aren’t planning on a video release show. Our real focus right now is getting our music out there. We are balancing that with being in the studio and continuing to work on new material. Tour plans are in the works, but it is too early to discuss. We are really taking the time to build a solid foundation.

With new material and an upcoming album release, what change fans expect to hear?

We think they will get something that will heavier, more polished, louder, a bit more personal/emotional, and more extreme. The new material will certainly convey the bands refined focus.

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  1. I don’t really agree with the black & white cinematography.
    Especially for a heavy metal video, it reduces the intensity of the experience by removing an important element, color.

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