Bully with Fake Limbs at the Fine Line – 1/18/2016


On a frigid Monday night 2 bands let the crowd at the Fine Line forget the chill of winter. A few fans in the front row however took precautions by keeping their furry lumberjack hats in place – Only in Minnesota!

First up was Chicago’s Fake Limbs. Lead singer Stephen Sowley started the set with stating that eating several slices of pizza before being physically active may not have been a good idea. The foursome combines reckless rock with in your face performance. Sowly responded to comments from the audience, gradually lost most of his jumpsuit and was more of a handful than some of the audience had bargained for. The set took him into the audience who in Minnesota nice fashion formed a lane for him. He handed to mike to an unsuspecting audience member and went out of sight. Much to my surprise the fan did not take over the mike and only held on to it until Sowley’s return. All in all Fake Limbs is a hard rocking band that’s tons of fun to watch.

Set List: Lil BFT / Green / Integ / Hot Dog / Murderbar / Woman / Inconvenience / Grudge

Bully took the stage right on time and took the already high energy level from Fake Limb’s set to the next level. Promoting their debut album “Feels Like” Bully was in town a few months ago and sold out the Entry.  Singer Alicia Bognanno has local roots and this show was a bit of homecoming for her. She mentioned her sister manning the merch booth. She mentioned that she was excited selling out their last show, to play the larger Fine Line this time around. Bully’s music is fast, hard hitting and feels raw and natural. When paying attention one discovers the complexity behind it. The lyrics are worth paying attention to as well. Bully is most certainly a band to keep an eye out for as they work on their next album.

Set List: Milkman / Too Tough / Brainfreeze / New Song? / Trash / Six / Sharktooth / Melvsky / Picture / Trying / I Rembember

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