Bullet For My Valentine Storm Myth Live


It’s hard to believe that earlier this week it had felt like fall was really here. I remember going to work at 5am and feeling genuinely happy that the air was cool and crisp. Fast forward to the weekend and it felt like that was just a preview and the heat and humidity of the summer was back in full swing. Sure, this would only last the weekend, but it definitely brought me back to the last time I saw Bullet For My Valentine way back in July of 2008 at The Myth. Oddly enough, I made my way out to Myth Live to catch them play the same venue ten years later. 

With the passing of Kyle Pavone, one of We Came As Romans’ vocalists, last month, the band decided to continue the tour in support of Bullet For My Valentine starting on the 18th. For the show at The Myth, this meant that it was a two band night, with Bad Omens opening shortly before 8pm.  A band that I saw in passing at Warped Tour last year, I had a vague memory of what this band was like live. I was pleasantly surprised that the band’s Warped energy translated very well at a larger venue. Bad Omens’ set was full of raw intensity, and left me in anticipation for when they come back to the Twin Cities on their own headliner. 

Last but certainly not least was Bullet For My Valentine. I won’t lie, I got just as excited as the rest of the venue when the lights dimmed and the band took the stage; it’s been a little while since I’ve seen them live. Starting the night with a few of their songs from “Gravity,” the band played a great mix of songs spanning their discography, with the emphasis on their new album. Playing a small handful of songs from both “Scream Aim Fire” and “The Poison,” (the album’s that got me into the band years ago) was my own personal letdown, but I cannot emphasize how clean this band’s performance has gotten. A very simple stage set up accompanied by a healthy balance of of back and front lighting made for an easy yet highly enjoyable show.  Complete with a very skillful and entertaining drum solo right in the middle of the set, Bullet For My Valentine’s musical prowess and talent alone proved that the band can still put together an outstanding show.