Brothers Osborne At Palace Theatre- Patron Saints Of Flannel And Jack


I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to country music.  But not the kind where you sing about your dog and your truck or how your wife won’t let you go fishing.  I mean REAL country.  Nothing can beat the rawness of a Johnny Cash tune or the lyrical beauty that Merle Haggard had the ability to pen.  This is the kind of country I was raised by, and this is the kind of country that Brothers Osborne embodies.

TJ and John Osborne grew up in Deale, Maryland, a small town that knew TJ as the one with the deep Johnny Cash-like voice and John as the guitar picker.

Brothers Osborne came out with their breakthrough album, Pawn Shop, in 2016.  Songs such as “Stay a Little Longer” and “It Ain’t My Fault” demonstrate the duo’s versatility between Rock and Country and are, in their own right, great pieces of writing.

Currently on tour promoting their newest album, Port Saint Joe, Brothers Osborne came to St. Paul, attracting a crowd of fellow flannel wearing, Jack drinking Country fans.  The crowd was loud and proud, not afraid to raise a glass and sing along.  The Palace Theatre stop followed a lineup in Canada, and will continue on to the UK.

Opening for Brothers Osborne was long-time Nashville resident, Charlie Worsham.  Saying that this kid is a guitar wizard would be a huge understatement.  Playing a completely acoustic set, I swear I saw smoke coming from his fingers as he played lightning-fast solos.  I find that most times, when artists come out by themselves and an acoustic guitar, they can lose a crowd pretty quickly.  That was not the case with Charlie.  Not only was his guitar skills incredible, but also was his singing.  Reminding me of Keith Urban, Charlie Worsham has a unique timbre to his voice and it demands your attention.

My favorite song that he played was, “Please People Please”, which is one that demonstrates both his guitar and vocal ability.  Ten out of ten, would recommend!

When Brothers Osborne took the stage, they immediately what kind of a night it would be by raising their glass in communion with the crowd.  These guys know how to party.

Opening with “Shoot Me Straight”, “Down Home” and “Shoot from the Hip”, the brothers started off kickin’.  They are two of the greatest showmen I have seen onstage and know how to engage a crowd.  Their lighting setup was also stellar, with perfectly timed strobes and plenty of smoke.  My favorite moments were when John Osborne stepped as far downstage as humanly possible to show off his flying fingers during guitar solos.  Of course, the crowd loved this.

To slow it down a bit, TJ and John played one of my favorite songs, “Weed, Whiskey and Willie”.  I don’t think there was a single solo cup in the Palace Theatre that wasn’t being raised and EVERYONE sang along.

Whether you are a fan of country music or not, Brothers Osborne is sure to have something that you can raise your glass to.  Their music is authentic and they themselves are authentic.  Who could ask for more?