Briston Maroney – Sunshine in the Sky and Sunflowers at The Amsterdam


The warmer weather has been making us Minnesotans feeling great, and it was even more apparent when Briston Maroney brought his Sunflower World Tour to The Amsterdam Bar on Tuesday night. From Knoxville, Tennessee, Maroney brought a feeling of added warmth to St. Paul with his indie folk sound. As I entered the sold out show, it was clear everyone was ready to feel the warmth and comfort that Maroney’s music makes us feel. 


Prior to Maroney taking the stage, Genevieve Stokes came out to show the crowd her beautiful and strong voice. The crowd was very excited for Stokes’ performance, singing along to most songs and cheering her on throughout the set. Stokes let the crowd know this was her last show on the tour and gave a thanks to the crowd for making it a memorable one. 

Finally, after waiting in between sets and watching the stage get set up with sunflower wrapped lights and mic stands, Maroney took to the stage. Playing music both new and old, the crowd was excited for each song that came. The set included songs from Maroney’s most recent album, Sunflower, which is his first full length album and inspired the Sunflower Tour. 


About halfway through the set Briston took a minute to thank the audience and then announced that the rest of the set was going to be a lot louder. During songs like Rollercoaster and Steve’s First Bruise there was so much dancing I could feel the ground shaking. He finished off with Freaking Out on the Interstate, and the feeling of love and warmth was evident throughout the room. He came back to play two more songs as an encore, including Wild Card and Caroline.

Briston Maroney brought good vibes and warm love to The Amsterdam on Tuesday night, right alongside the warmer weather – the two made for a great pair and left everyone feeling happy.