Boyz II Men Celebrate 25 Years At The Ordway


The Ordway, which is home of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, was host for a class-act Boyz II Men Concert on Sunday evening! The stage was a perfect setting for the trio singing group with their full band playing all their hit songs. The band has been together for 25 years and they sounded just as good Sunday evening as they did back when they started.

They came on stage wearing all white outfits and opened the concert with one of their most famous hits “Motownphilly” – The crowd instantly jumped out of their seats and the stage was set for a full night of hit after hit!

“This is the 10th time I have seen them, and they sound great each time I attend their concert” stated one enthusiastic fan after the show. “I will definitely come and see them again” said another fan after seeing them for the first time!”

One thing that was very noticeable in the concert was their love of music! They genuinely care for each person in the audience supporting their band. They handed out countless of long stem roses to people including the sign language interpreter who was near the stage.

They played all their famous songs with such passion and engaging the crowd including such hits as On Bended Knee, One Sweet Day, It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday, and of course the famous hit song – I’ll Make Love To You – in which they band hinted why so many younger fans were around due to that song!

Halfway through the concert, they mixed in additional cover songs such as ‘American Woman’ by Lenny Kravitz, ‘Locked out of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars, and ‘Amazed’ by Lonestar which they explained was originally presented to Boyz II Men!

It was a class act concert by Boyz II Men that fit perfect at the Ordway! The band still is going strong and full of R&B Passion!