Bob Weir And Wolf Bros Play The Fillmore MPLS On 3/10/2020

Bob Weir and Wolf Bros will be at the Fillmore with Don Was and Jay Lane on March 10th. Tickets are still available HERE and will be harder to get the closer we get to that Tuesday night! 

Don Was is a musician, producer, and more relevantly – a bass player that is also a president of jazz music label “Blue Note Records.” With a list of produced, guest featured, and personally recorded hits – we will get a chance to see an artist that has been rocking out since 1981. Jay Lane is a drummer from San Francisco that has worked with the likes of Bob Weir in a variety of ways, and was voted “drummer of the year” by the California Music Awards. Much like Don, Jay has almost too many works behind his name on the resume.

Bob Weir and Wolf Bros has its roots in one of the greatest bands of all time – Grateful Dead – but after 1995 Bob Weir went on to do his own gigs and now comes to our cold, cold city with Wolf Bros. The Wolf Bros are the just described artists, Jay Lane and Don Was. There’s a lot of talent coming to the Fillmore on the 10th – don’t miss out!