Bob Mould Blasting Back Into The Mainroom


Minneapolis music icon Bob Mould is coming to First Avenue, September 25.  Tickets and details for the show can be found HERE.

Opening for Mould is Kestrel, hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It’s always a happening when the former Husker Du frontman returns to the city that was his springboard to success.  Mould dropped a dynamite new album titled Blue Hearts in 2020.  Just another great piece of work to follow his 2019 tour of the wonderful Sunshine Rock. Usually a relentless touring band, Mould had to wait to get out there to promote the new album.  Fans will be ready for his return.

The Twin Cities has a history of producing musical artists whose work passes the test of time.  Perhaps none have had the staying power of Bob Mould.  A young man came to Macalester College from upstate New York over 40 years ago.  Unlike the rest of the freshman class who gathered on the grass for a Welcome Social, Mould figured out the city bus schedule and made his way to The Longhorn to see The Suicide Commandos.  

Founder Chris Osgood befriended the young man and before long he was jamming with Grant Hart and Greg Norton.  Husker Du was born.  They became the first punk band signed to a major label from MN.  Their double album Zen Arcade is an album that an entire generation of young rockers point to as a major influence.  Mould’s influence on the local rock scene that followed is undeniable.

For all of the fame and attention that came from Husker Du, Mould’s subsequent work both with Sugar and on his own may be his best.  Best of all, he hasn’t slowed down a bit.  How many artists are still as original and vibrant today as they were 40 years ago.

His live shows are incendiary and the reason fans flock to his shows.  If you enjoy your rock music hard and fast, guitar blasting beside wicked, often angry lyrics, Bob Mould is a tough show to beat.

Home in a club that sports his star on the wall.  Highly recommended!