Blue Hazard to celebrate the release of “Sideshow” at the Pourhouse on 7/7


Formed in 2000 Stillwater’s Blue Hazard are about to release their new album “Sideshow” with all original material and will celebrate with a show at the Pourhouse on 7/7.  Event Details can be found HERE
With a relentless desire to make an emotional connection with their audience, Blue Hazard mixes their love of contemporary mediums with old-soul roots to create an impactful musical experience. Evolving from a novice family band into dedicated and earnest musicians, the group impresses listeners with their crisp harmonies, complex arrangements, and honest & diverse songwriting.

Blue Hazard is proud to issue its first all-original album “Sideshow”.  Breaking from a long-held bluegrass tradition of recording primarily cover music, the band cultivated an original record that highlights the group’s maturity and progression. Band members trade lead vocals throughout the album, highlighting their diverse and distinctive talent. Intricate arrangements and meaningful lyrics drive their craft of storytelling to new heights.

“Sideshow” was produced, engineered, and mixed by Dan Deurloo at Reverb & Echo Studios. The album was mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering.