Blue Felix Is Taking Over 7th Street Entry 5/4- Don’t Miss It!


Local legends Blue Felix will be headlining a show at The 7th Street Entry on Saturday May 4th. Don’t let another Saturday night be wasted at a sportsbar or somewhere other than a concert. Get out here and check out some of the best local music the Twin Cities’ metal scene has to offer!

Blue Felix is a six-piece American hard rock/metal band based in Minneapolis, Minnesota assembled in 2004. Their name is derived from a ‘certain dose’ of the psychedelic drug, LSD, also known as ‘Blue Felix’, that was favored by the band in earlier years. Blue Felix recorded Sample of A Solution an album co-produced by Sid Wilson (also known as DJ Starscream, #0) of Slipknot, at Winterland Studios July 2010.

On 16 November 2010, reported that the band had released their debut music video, “Middle Finger Up” and that Sid Wilson who also appears in the video, is “hunted, caught, and brought to DJ with the band for the frenzied crowd.”

2014 brought follow up Source of Power EP, produced by Matt Dalton at 37 Studios in Detroit, MI. Blue Felix nationally tours relentlessly and has played with such acts as Marilyn Manson, Sevendust, All That Remains, Alien Ant Farm, Asking Alexandra, Buckcherry, Cavalera Conspiracy, Devin Townsend, Five Finger Death Punch, Hed PE, and Mushroomhead.

Joining Blue Felix will be a personal favorite of mine- By The Thousands. Their first local show in a good while, they are sure to get the night started off in the most perfect way.

Tickets are still available HERE but don’t wait. This show is slated to sell out.