Blu DeTiger Charms The Fine Line


Once again I found myself walking through the doors of a venue knowing very little about the artist I was about to see. Sure, I heard “Vintage” quite a few times, but somehow I missed taking a deeper dive into Blu DeTiger as an artist.

Two openers were on the bill but Tiffany Day did not have a set. Instead we got Henry Breen of Minneapolis’ Why Not playing some of the band’s songs solo. He mentioned it was an experience playing some of the songs they usually don’t play at live shows as they are more “boisterous”.

Blu DeTiger has some serious hardware as part of her stage set. Not that she needs it to make up for stage presence but it adds to a great experience. After a funky intro she kicked of the set with “Crash Course” Her smooth vocals, dancy tune and the prominent bass riffs in her music had the crowd dancing. I guess that’s what you get when the bass player is in charge! Right up my alley.

To any noobs – like myself – in the audience she pointed to the neon sign “This is how you spell it”. It was Blu’s first time playing Minneapolis. Both her and the crowd seemed to have a good time. Her new song “Elevator” was greeted with cheers and fans sang along to that catchy tune. I enjoyed her music, it’s fun to listen to and there are many funky guitar riffs. It’s modern but has a vibe that I would describe as “Vintage” 🙂

Set List: Intro / Crash Course / Hot Crush Lover / Toast With the Butter / Cotton Candy Lemonade / Night Shade / Blutooth / Elevator / Style / Electric Feel / Glamorous / Kinda Miss You / Tangerine / Enough 4 You / Blondes
Encore Figure It Out / Vintage